Traditional Clothing for Kundalini Yoga

White, comfortable clothing helps to encourage energy flow.
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Kundalini yoga is a formalized practice that incorporates breath, sound, meditation and asanas -- or postures -- to increase your body’s flow of energy and consciousness. Unlike the more popular forms of yoga, serious Kundalini practitioners eschew trendy, form-fitting clothing in favor of modest, loose-fitting tops and bottoms made from natural materials. For a touch of flair, you can wear a scarf or bandana in lieu of the traditional yogi turban. But keep in mind, the turban’s padding helps to protect your noggin when you do headstands. And because Kundalini yogis practice barefoot to facilitate balance and energy flow, you might want to give your tootsies some extra attention before entering the studio.


    Color projects vibrations, and the white, natural fibers preferred by Kundalini yogis help to expand your auric field: the field of energy that surrounds your body and all living things. White contains all colors in the visible color spectrum, and according to Yogi Bhajan’s teachings, wearing white helps to purify your aura and make you feel more radiant.


    Kundalini practitioners prefer to wear organic, natural fabrics for their yoga practice. The most renewable resource on the planet, bamboo fabric, has natural antibacterial properties that help to wick sweat away from the body. Organic cotton is pesticide free, breathable and absorbs perspiration. Eco-friendly hemp and organic cotton blends combine durability with comfort, and just the right touch of eco-chic to your attire.


    For ease of movement, both men and women Kundalini practitioners avoid clothing that restricts movement. Tight-fitting clothing not only makes it difficult to perform kriyas, but it can inhibit your breath and energy flow. For comfort, women might choose a lightweight, cotton blouse or T-shirt that offers coverage yet allows their arms to move freely. A touch of lace here and there is acceptable, but save the peek-a-boo cleavage for hot yoga. Traditional, full-length yoga or palazzo pants are comfy standbys that ensure freedom of movement. If you’re worried about busting a seam, pants are available with an extra rear panel. For added warmth and fashion, top your tee and pants with a loose tunic, or kurta, the Indian-style top that covers your hips.


    In a world of cotton blends, Lycra, spandex and polyester, locating the perfect clothing for your Kundalini yoga practice might seem daunting. If money isn’t an issue, you can find a wide selection of styles and fabrics online and in specialty stores. Then again, if your budget is limited, it's likely you already own a white top or two. You can also check out thrift stores and discount outlets for unisex, drawstring, cotton workout or sweat pants to fill the bill until you're able to splurge on something more fashionable.

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