The Top Exciting Careers

Exciting careers put the life into your work life.
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Sometimes when you're making a living you forget to make time to live. Taking a different turn on your career path may help you find what you've been missing. With an exciting career, there are various types of thrills you can enjoy while you're working. The most exciting careers are the ones that put the spark back into your life.

Airline and Commercial Pilot

    Airline and commercial pilots may operate airplanes, flying charter flights, engaging in rescue operations, producing aerial photography and dusting crops. Throughout your career you may have the opportunity to travel around the world. The median pay is $92,060 a year, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and it has a 10-year growth rate of 11 percent.


    Oceanographers are a specific subset of geoscientists who study the ocean. They consist of marine geologists, physical oceanographers and chemical oceanographers. Studying the ocean requires hands-on work, so oceanographers spend extensive time out of the office and in the field. The median salary, according to BLS, is $82,500 a year, with a 10-year job growth rate of 21 percent.


    Chocolatier, the dream job of chocolate fans everywhere, is a fulfilling job in its hands-on creativity and compliments from satisfied foodies. Chocolatiers make the chocolate by hand, crafting the consistency of each chocolate's exterior and interior through a long process. Many chocolatiers are self-employed, and the pay varies drastically. The average salary for Godiva chocolatiers, according to Jobs Salary, is $107,312.

Video Game Designer

    The video game industry may appear to be a boys club, but recent years have given rise to medium auteurs such as Jane McGonical, designer of the mobile video game SuperBetter and author of "Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change The World." Designing video games allows you to make a personal statement, similar to authors and film directors, while employing creative and technical skills and exploring new technologies and emergent areas of play in an evolving field. Video game designers make an average of $81,192, according to the International Gaming Network.

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