Top 5 Exercises to Burn Waistline Fat

Shorter bursts of intense workouts burn more calories than going long and slow.
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If only your body could be shaped like a work of clay. There are no exercises that target waistline fat or fat from anywhere on the body. Fat cannot be turned into muscle either, so loading up on weight-resistance exercises won't give you an edge. But, you can still achieve the flat, washboard stomach you've always dreamed of by applying a healthy diet with high-intensity full-body exercises.

Burpees with Pushups

    Everyone dreads burpees, but their popularity continues because of their ability to burn a "waist-load" of calories in a short time. Begin standing. Lower your body to the floor by placing your palms a little farther than shoulder-width apart. Kick your feet back to a full extension -- you should be in a pushup position now -- and lower yourself until your nose almost touches the floor. Extend your arms again, retract your feet beneath your hips, come to a crouch and explode up to a jump, arms extended to the sky. When you land, land with knees bent and begin the next rep in one smooth movement. Burpees burn about 135 calories in 15 minutes for a 150-pound person.

Mountain Climbers

    Crouch and place your hands on the floor a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Keeping the weight of your body on the tip of your toes, keep one foot under you and the other extended behind with a slight bend in the knee. Begin alternating leg positions -- elevate your hips while extending your front leg back and bringing your rear leg forward. Do the movement simultaneously. The intensity of mountain climbers can vary. Go as fast as you can without losing technique. A 150-pound person will burn approximately 117 calories in 15 minutes.

Jump Rope

    Jump rope might seem like a no-brainer, but the cardio and ab-toning benefits will burn fat, while sculpting the abs you're working hard to uncover. Single hops -- one hop per rotation -- will burn more calories than double hops, but if you can't complete at least five minutes of singles, do doubles until your cardio catches up. Jump on the balls of your feet, not the heels, and make smaller jumps to save energy. Fifteen minutes of jump rope will burn a whopping 171 calories.

Stair Climbing

    Stair climbs can be done at the gym or in a stairwell. It will rev-up your metabolism while sculpting your legs and butt like no other exercise. Keep your torso erect while climbing and pump your arms to drive upward. Landing flatfooted will isolate your calves and glutes, while landing on your toes will work your calves, so don't be afraid to mix it up. Fifteen minutes of stair climbing will burn 119 calories.


    Racquetball takes the crown when it comes to burning waistline fat. It will work your entire body, and improve your reaction time and coordination. Casual racquetball will burn 119 calories every 15 minutes for a 150-pound person, but take full advantage of your competitive spirit because you'll burn an extra 50 calories every 15 minutes if you play to win. Racquetball is a relatively low-cost sport, available year-round, and many facilities come equipped with a full gym.

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