How to Get Toned Legs & Calves Fast

Pool exercises are one way to tone calves.
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After relaxing all winter, swim suit season is nearly upon you. It’s time to get those legs into shape quickly! However, it takes a lot of work to make up for lost time. However, with a concrete plan of action, you can lose weight and chisel those legs. Nonetheless, keep in mind that everyone loses fat and builds muscle at a different rate.

    Step 1

    Maximize your time in the gym by always working your legs. While doing biceps curls, do squats at the same time. Stand on one leg while doing triceps curls. While waiting in line for a machine at the gym, do jumping jacks and lunges.

    Step 2

    Perform low to moderate cardio exercises 45 to 60 minutes each day to lose extra fat. Though you cannot target specific areas for fat loss, if you lose weight in general, you will eventually lose the fat around your hips and thighs, which will help make toned legs more noticeable.

    Step 3

    Do strength training exercises at least three times per week to build the muscles in your calves and legs. Do squats, lunges, leg extensions, leg presses, deadlifts, leg curls and calf raises.

    Step 4

    Do the plyometric version of any exercise to burn fat faster in a shorter period of time. For example, get into a lunge position with your right leg forward, elbows bent and hands grasped together in front of you. Jump into the air and bring your right leg backward and your left leg forward. As you land, lower yourself back into a lunge. Repeat jumping and lunging for 30 seconds.

    Step 5

    Focus on your calves. Stand with your feet half way on a step and half way hanging off. Stand up on your toes. Slowly lower your heels down as far as you can and return to the start position. Repeat the move until your calves are tired. Perform this exercise every day that your muscles are not sore.

    Step 6

    Skip the train or bus. Walk, run or bike to work. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. The more you move your legs, the faster you will tone them.

    Step 7

    Work out at work. Ask your boss if you can get a standing desk. This will increase the work your legs perform during the day. Otherwise, do leg exercises while sitting or standing next to your desk, for example, hamstring extensions and calf raises. Briskly walk the long way to the restroom or break room. Take extra steps whenever possible.

    Step 8

    Use a walking vest while exercising to increase the load on your legs.

    Step 9

    Choose your food wisely. Focus on lean meats, vegetables and whole grains. Good nutrition and portion control will help you to lose weight faster.


    • Talk to your doctor before starting any new exercises.

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