Tips for Requesting a Change From Part Time Employee to Full Time Employee

Emphasize the benefit to the company when asking for an increase in work hours.
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Whether you've been at your part-time job for a few months or a few years, asking your boss for full-time hours involves more than simply posing the question. With a little preparation, you can make a good case for increasing your hours to benefit the company and yourself.

Be Prepared

    If ever there was a time to follow the Boy Scout motto, "be prepared," this is it. You may only get one chance to make a case for working full-time hours, so do some prep work before you talk to your boss to help your request come across as well thought out and professional. If you don't prepare, the result could be your boss failing see how valuable you are and how bringing you on full time would benefit the company.

    Think about your request from your supervisor's point of view, and take some time to jot down possible concerns he or she may express. Write down resolutions to those concerns, as well as the other points you want to make. Review your points with a trusted colleague or friend so they're familiar to you. That way, when you go over them with your boss, it will help your presentation seem more natural.

    Preparing for your request will help convey its importance to your boss.

Play Up Strengths

    Approach this request like you would a job interview. Review your main strengths and accomplishments to help your boss see your value to the company. Did you implement a new process or improve an existing one to make it more efficient or cost-effective? Do you have specific skills that makes you a special asset to the team? Have you made key relationships with clients or vendors that could increase sales? Emphasize your top three or four strengths, and tie them to how they benefit the company in order to make a strong case.

Do the Math

    At the end of the day, one of the most influential factors for your moving from part-time to full-time hours is going to be the costs associated with it. For the company to spend more money for your salary and benefits, they need to know that the benefits outweigh the costs. Analyze the business costs and be prepared to tell your boss how those would be covered so he or she knows that this move would ultimately pay for itself. Will your working full time bring more sales into the business? Will it cut costs in some way? Emphasize any cost-saving measures and added revenue this move would entail to make a strong case.

    Crunch the numbers prior to requesting additional hours.

Show You're Ready

    It's true that actions speak louder than words. To seriously consider your request, your supervisor should see you working hard and doing a good job consistently. That way you're backing up the reasons why you'd do well in a full-time position with your actions.

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