Are There Any Online Classes for Hotel Management Jobs?

Online training is a great way to prepare for a career in hotel management.
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If you're interested in a career in hotel management, online training might be a good way to get started. Completing an online program that offers certification shows potential employers that you're committed to advancing your knowledge and skills in the field. Such programs can prepare you not only for the administrative aspects of hotel management, but also to effectively manage marketing, hotel revenues and event planning.

Michigan State University

Michigan State University offers online management certificate classes in business hospitality. Classes cover strategic planning, hospitality leadership, marketing, quality, financial management and purchasing. The program consists of three classes, each running for a period of eight weeks. Material, presented by both campus faculty and hospitality management industry experts, includes streaming video. Classes are designed for professionals working in hotels, hospitality corporate offices and restaurants.

Cornell University

Cornell University's office of executive education provides online courses in hospitality leadership for professionals interested in entering the field or advancing their careers. Classes can be taken individually or as part of a certification program. The certification program specific to hotel revenue management involves five courses, each running for a two-week period. Instructional materials include research, simulations and case studies.

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University also offers online classes in hospitality management that can be taken individually or as part of a certification program. This program can also be used to fulfill requirements toward a bachelor's degree. The hospitality management program provides foundational knowledge for leaders in event planning, as well as hotel, gaming and food service management. Individual classes cover sales, marketing, event planning, administration management and hospitality technology. Seven classes at three credit hours each are required to obtain certification.

Colorado Mountain College

Colorado Mountain College offers an online certification program in hospitality operations that includes key courses from the college's resort management associate's degree program. Faculty members are industry professionals who work at the Steamboat Springs, Colorado, resort. Students learn about hotel front office operations, hotel sales, marketing, and food and beverage management. Cost control management training is also part of the online program. A total of 10 courses and 25.5 credit hours are required to complete the program.

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