Are There Any Decent Paying Jobs That Are Sit Down Jobs?

Keep your butt in the chair and make money writing.
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You don’t have to spend all day pacing in a courtroom or bending over a patient in the operating room to make six figures on the job. There are plenty of opportunities to make decent money while sitting at a desk. Put your talents to work after getting the proper credentials and training and you too can hold one of the many cushy jobs that keep you firmly planted on your tush.

Technical Writer

    The top 10 percent of technical writers made an average of $102,250 in 2012, according to "Forbes Magazine." The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics put the median income at $63,280 in 2010, which isn't bad for a sit-down job you can get with little more than a bachelor’s degree. There’s even a good chance you can land a lucrative gig from home, so you won’t even have to walk to the train or your car. Many technical writers work for computer-related industries as well, most of which are situated in Texas or California.

Human Resource Manager

    The top-paying jobs for human resource managers are in New Jersey, according to Forbes, where the professionals make close to $169,310. In 2010, the BLS reported the median income for HR professionals across the country was $99,180. You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration, industrial relations or human resources to get your foot in the door. Managers often have MBAs and additional certifications like those you can get from the Society for Human Resource Management.

Air Traffic Controller

    If you like a little excitement in your work, but you still like to stay in your seat, consider a career as an air traffic controller. According to the BLS, in 2010 the median pay for an air traffic controller was $108,040. You’ll get your training through the Federal Aviation Administration, and you have to pass an exam to get qualified. Even though you sit for the job, you’ll undergo a physical every year because the job is so stressful.

Financial Manager

    Make your money managing other peoples’ money from the comfort of your big cushy desk chair. In 2010, the BLS reported that financial managers earned a median income of $103,910 per year, meaning you could do much better if you were in the top tier in the industry. After getting your bachelor’s degree in finance, you’ll have to spend time as a loan officer, financial analyst or accountant before you can land one of these gigs, but even those jobs pay pretty well, in the 70K neighborhood.

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