The Leviticus Diet Food Plan

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Part of the Bible's Old Testament, Leviticus was written by Moses as a guide for holy living and spiritual growth, and it includes laws pertaining to diet. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are the basis of the Leviticus diet, which recommends you not eat “unclean” meat, including pork and shellfish, and suggests you limit your intake of red meat.

Fruits, Vegetables and Grains

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Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and rich in fiber, vitamins C and A, potassium and folate. Whole grains, which include wheat, millet and barley, are also rich in fiber, as well as B vitamins, iron, magnesium and selenium. While the Bible mentions specific fruits, vegetables and grains, such as grapes, figs, cucumbers, onions and wheat, eating a variety of foods from all the groups helps vary your nutrient intake for better health.

Clean Meats

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The Leviticus diet also suggests you eat meats that are "clean," which includes chicken, turkey, pheasants, animals with split hooves such as cattle or goats, and fresh and saltwater fish with fins and scales such as salmon or flounder. While beef is allowed on the Leviticus diet, it is recommended that you eat it in small amounts and instead eat more poultry or fish as your source of protein. Eating a variety of different types of fish may help increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids, which may help improve heart health.

Healthy Fats

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Fat intake is limited on the Leviticus diet, specifically fat from foods such as milk, butter and cheese. Most of your fat choices on the diet plan should come from healthy sources including fatty fish such as salmon and healthy oils such as extra virgin olive oil. Replacing foods high in saturated fat -- whole milk and butter -- with healthy fats -- olive oil -- may help lower cholesterol levels.

Sample Meal Plan

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A healthy breakfast on the Leviticus diet might include oatmeal with raisins and nonfat milk. Mixed greens topped with salmon, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, served with whole-wheat bread and an apple may be a healthy lunch option on the diet. A sample dinner includes millet with grilled onions and peppers and roasted chicken. For snacks, sliced cucumbers, figs, dried apricots or whole-grain crackers make healthy choices.

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