The Best Way to Get Fit in Two Months

Improving your physical fitness increases your energy and quality of life.
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Getting fit can provide you with multiple health benefits while improving your self-confidence. Although improvements in your physical fitness require effort and time, you can make great strides toward your weight loss and fitness goals over the course of two months. The best way to get fit during this time is with a combination of healthy eating, exercise and strength training. As you incorporate these into your life, you can get fit and enjoy improvements in the five components that comprise physical fitness: flexibility, muscle strength and endurance, cardiovascular health and the percentage of body fat in comparison with your total body composition.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Aerobic exercise is an important part of good physical fitness, and there are many types of aerobic activity you can do to help you enjoy the time you spend being active. Whether you go jogging, take an exercise class or ride the stationary bike at home, aerobic exercise is essential to getting fit. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that you should complete at least 300 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each week if you need to lose weight. If you want to maintain your weight and improve cardiovascular health, 150 minutes of aerobics each week is sufficient.

Muscle-Toning Exercise

Lifting weights or doing other weight-training exercises won't leave you looking like a bulky bodybuilder unless you want to work toward that. In addition to lifting and toning your muscles, weight-training exercises promote stronger bone density and help your body burn calories more efficiently. Two to three strength-training sessions per week, lasting at least 20 minutes, can help you build muscle mass and look more fit.

Healthy Eating

A diet that promotes good health plays a large role in your overall wellness. As you engage in strength training and aerobic exercises, you must fuel your body with healthy foods. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, lean sources of protein, fiber-rich whole-grain products and low- to nonfat sources of dairy. Enjoy several small meals throughout the day to stave off hunger and keep your metabolism from taking a dive. Stay away from fat- and sugar-laden foods that have excess calories and little nutritive value to offer you. Be sure to drink plenty of water or herbal tea, at least eight to 10 glasses per day, to keep your body hydrated and promote a full feeling that prevents you from the temptation of unhealthy snacks.

Lifestyle Changes

Bad lifestyle habits can undermine your efforts to get more fit in two months, or any length of time. Don't smoke or use other tobacco products, and avoid excess alcohol consumption. Incorporate more movement and activity into your life to boost fitness and avoid the health consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. Take a walk during your lunch break or after dinner; even a 10-minute walk can be beneficial to your health. Involve your family or friends in activities to combine social time with physical fitness to improve physical and emotional health.

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