Are Temp Agencies Open on the Weekends?

Many staffing agencies close on weekends but you can still view available
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Temporary staffing agencies provide employees on a contract basis for clients in many industries. The hours of operation vary by company, but most maintain regular business hours during the week. To inquire about weekend hours, contact the staffing company for which you would like to work. Many agencies provide job search resources that you can access when the office is closed.

Business Hours

    Most temporary staffing agencies open five days a week, Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. A few try to be available at other times to accommodate the needs of their clients. This could mean starting earlier or closing later than regular business hours to meet the clients' needs. For instance, some agencies that schedule workers for construction and light industrial assignments open as early as 5 a.m. daily.

Apply Online

    You must register with a staffing agency to find work through that agency. You can typically do this on the agency's website, if the office is not open. The online process involves completing an application with your name; contact information; details of your education and work history; the type of job you want; and a list of your marketable skills. You may also be asked to submit your current resume. Some agencies encourage job-seekers to submit a resume via email in lieu of registration. Note that reputable job agencies do not charge for registration.

Make an Appointment

    Some agencies allow you to schedule an appointment online so you can meet with a recruiter. Choose a time during regular business hours, if the office does not open on the weekend. The visit is an opportunity for the recruiter to learn more about your work experience, education, skills, goals and the type of job you want. You may have to complete and pass several tests after the interview, depending on the agency and job for which you are applying.

Search for Jobs

    In most cases, you can search for jobs on the staffing agency's website. Often, the list of jobs is available at any time, and you can immediately apply for any position that appeals to you. If you have already registered and submitted your resume, you might be able to automatically apply with the copy of your resume that is saved in the company's database.

Other Considerations

    Temporary agencies sometimes assign jobs that require late hours or weekend work. Individuals who accept these assignments are usually informed about how to contact a recruiter in case of an emergency. When you register with an agency, a recruiter will provide information for an emergency contact, which you can use if you need to reach an agent during the weekend, or after hours on a weekday.

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