What to Tell Your Boss to Let Him Know You Really Appreciate Your Job

Be subtle -- a little gratitude can go a long way.
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When you have a good relationship with your bosses and co-workers, you're likely to have a higher level of job satisfaction. One way to maintain that good relationship is to show your appreciation for your boss -- whether it's on "National Boss Day" on October 16, or any other day of the year. In order to show your appreciation in an effective manner -- without seeming as if you're kissing up -- you'll need to know a little about the person for whom you're working.

    Step 1

    Learn some personal information about your boss so you'll know what she is like and what she is interested in. If your boss is approachable and accessible, you can do this through small talk in the break room, or before and after meetings, or by having a casual conversation at your next company function. Being able to talk to your boss establishes a rapport, and helps you to learn more about her personal working style. Good starting points for small talk are hobbies, vacations, or your boss's career path. If your boss is completely inaccessible, ask her secretary -- or someone who works with her closely -- to share a few details about the boss. Once you have this information, you can use it to better show your appreciation.

    Step 2

    Find out the boss's birthday. You may be able to find out this information by asking the secretary or consulting a company birthday directory. Then you can send a card or note to the boss on his special day -- a time when he may be looking for a little extra attention. Since you've done some research about your boss' likes and dislikes, you could use this time to give him a pair of tickets to a local soccer match, a movie you know he will like, or get him a small gift certificate to a favorite coffee place.

    Step 3

    Ask for a few minutes of the boss's time during the work day and thank her personally. Prepare a few points ahead of time that detail specific things the boss has done that have made your job more satisfactory. Bosses are used to having employees coming to them with complaints, but if you approach her with only praise, you're likely to make her day.

    Step 4

    Write a simple thank-you note and place it in the boss's inbox. Outline a few things with which you think the boss is doing a particularly good job. You could also do this via e-mail, though a hand-written card is rare in the world of electronic communication, and will make more of an impression.

    Step 5

    Bring the boss a treat you know he will like. If he is crazy about his morning latte, bring one to work unannounced. If he's a chocolate lover, leave a few truffles on his desk with a small note of appreciation.


    • Whatever method you choose to thank your boss, do not overwhelm her with too many thank you's. Saying thank-you every few months is probably more than adequate; and if you do it that often, be sure to alternate between different methods of gratitude.

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