Technical Account Manager Job Description

A job in high-tech sales is a rewarding career path.
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A job in sales or account management is common in most industries. A successful business needs talented people to sell its products and services. Businesses that sell high-tech products require specialized salespeople, called technical account managers, to understand the technical nature of the products so they can support customers in their buying decisions. A technical account manager will handle multiple accounts and she is responsible for producing revenue. This career path can be rewarding — most technical account managers earn an average of $86,000 or more per year.

Sales Responsibility

    Selling the company’s products is the No. 1 responsibility for a technical account manager. Along with a team of other salespeople, she is the front line for the company’s revenue and profit. Whether it’s landing new clients or negotiating pricing with existing customers, she will determine the success of the business based on the products she sells and the support she provides her customers. In the technical field, salespeople need to understand how the products work and provide advice on which products and services are best.

Client Management

    The technical account manager is responsible for maintaining the relationship between the company and the client. She is the one in contact with customers and is the main communication point when it comes to technical questions or orders. Developing a personal relationship with customers is important and the most successful salespeople do this well. It’s common for salespeople to treat clients to lunch or even become friends with their long-term customers. This helps build trust and ensures a long-lasting relationship.


    Technical account managers are also responsible for branching out and finding new growth opportunities. To expand sales, the account manager must develop a growth strategy. Increasing sales with existing customers is a simple approach but it may also be necessary to find new prospects. The account manager should also introduce new products to existing clients as this may be a way to increase sales within her current customer base. To be successful, she needs to build a strong pipeline of future sales and grow relationships with strategic accounts.

Knowledge and Education

    A technical account manager often has an education or degree in a field such as engineering, computer science or other related technology fields. A solid technical understanding is critical to sell high-tech products like electronics, software or telecommunications. But if you want to go into this field, a technical background is not enough. You need to be an outgoing person who enjoys customer contact and building relationships. While the technical aspect is important, your knowledge and experience in the sales process is critical.

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