Swimming Workout for Women Over 60

Swimming is an aerobic exercise that you can enjoy indoors or out.
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Women over the age of 60 who are trying to be more active and healthy can turn to swimming as a low impact exercise to increase cardiovascular fitness and strength. Because older adults are at risk for more medical conditions, consult a medical professional with knowledge of your personal medical history before starting a new training program.


Ease into your swimming workout with an extended warm-up. Using a stroke of your choice that gives you the most range of motion without pain or discomfort, swim 25 meters, or one length of the pool, at an easy pace. Rest until your breathing returns to a normal rate and then swim back. Complete five to eight lengths, gradually increasing your pace with each effort.

Work Set One

Using a kick board, flutter kick for 25 meters at a moderate effort. Rest for one minute then repeat for three 25-meter lengths, for a total of 200 meters. Upon completion of your kicking work, immediately swim 4 x 25-meter lengths using the freestyle, breast or back stroke. Recover up to one minute between each swim effort.

Work Set Two

Using the freestyle, breast or backstroke, complete three to five 300-meter swims at an easy pace. Focus on breathing and technique during each swim. Between each swim, recover as long as necessary to catch your breath. If you are competent in more than one stroke, alternate the strokes for each 300-meter swim.


Complete four to six 25-meter swims at a relaxed pace using the stroke of your choice. Rest two minutes between each swim. Once you have finished your swim, exit the pool and place your right hand on the wall for balance. Complete 10 slow arm circles in the forward direction with your left arm. Reverse for another 10 slow arm circles. Repeat for your right arm with your left hand on the wall.

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