Swimming Pool Games for Two People

Get fit while you have fun with engaging, two-person pool games.
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When hot weather hits, exercise can be a major drag, but bringing your routine to a swimming pool will keep you cool while you keep up fitness regimen. If swimming laps isn't your idea of a worthwhile workout, pool games might be just the thing to keep you interested and active. No need to assemble a team of pool-goers. A range of interactive pool games for all ages require just one other player for a rousing bout of water-based challenges.

Surface Water Races

For beginner swimmers who are just learning the mechanical basics of controlled breathing and moving through water, a water surface race is a challenging two-player game that doesn't require advanced swimming. Any lightweight object that floats is a suitable game accessory: ping-pong balls, toy boats or foam connectors for pool noodles are all options. In the shallow end of the pool, players take turns blowing the object from one side of the pool to the other, using only their breath and walking along the pool bottom, while the other player keeps time with a stopwatch. Players could also race head to head using similar objects. A variation on the game is to move the object from one side of the pool to the other using only splashes without physically touching the object. Walking in water is a challenging cardio activity that puts stress on the thighs and abdominal muscles.

Water Sports

Some land-based sports translate easily to water, where resistance in the water increases the impact of the activity. Water-based sports often require additional accessories. For example, to play water basketball, invest in an inflating rubber ball, beach ball or standard basketball and either a side-mounted pool basketball hoop or a floating round ring. Players take turns tossing the ball to the center of the pool, swimming for it, and then trying to toss it into the floating or stationary basket while the other player attempts to block or steal the ball. Volleyball is also easily translated to the water. Either secure a special pool net to the sides of the pool, or use a long foam pool noodle as a floating net. A beach ball is a less challenging option than a volleyball because it moves more slowly through the air. Each player bats the ball over the net or noodle to the other player, with the goal of not letting the ball hit the water when it is on their side of the net.

Diving Race

For more advanced swimmers who are comfortable in the deeper end and with holding their breath, diving challenges are a water-based twist on a treasure hunting classic. In one variation of the game, a player tosses a pile of sinking pool toys into the deeper end of the pool. The other player dives and tries to scoop up as many as possible before they hit the pool bottom. In another version, the swimming player is giving a time limit, typically a minute, to dive and collect as many toys from the bottom as possible. The player with the most in their treasure collection wins. Another option is to have both players dive at the same time, and the player who collects the most toys, or one specific toy, wins the dive challenge.

Skill Challenge

Beginning swimmers who are honing skills and advanced swimmers who like to strut their stuff can both participate in a skill demonstration game. If you have a pool that is at least 8 feet deep, a jumping challenge is an option. Players each take turns jumping into the pool using a different form or technique, like swan diving or cannonballs. Once a type of jump has been used, it can't be repeated. The first player who can't think of a new jump loses. Another variation is a swimming contest in which players take turns swimming across the pool using a different stroke or style, and the first player who can't come up with a new style without repeating any loses.

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