Swimming Equipment for Deep Water Exercises

Pool noodles are inexpensive and quite possibly the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment for deep water exercises.
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Increase your range of motion, flexibility and core strength, reports the U.S. Masters Swimming website, by doing something fun and different with your exercise routine. Go deep, to the deep end of the pool. The zero impact environment provided by deeper water lets you exercise longer in the water than on land without hurting your joints, says Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Add water and the right equipment to your walking, running, aerobics, or resistance training and enjoy the added benefit of the built-in resistance that working out in water provides.

    Step 1

    Wear a flotation belt or vest to keep you in an upright position and allow you to focus your energy on your workout program rather than trying to keep your head above water. Many pools keep specially designed vests or belts on hand for deep water running and water aerobics classes.

    Step 2

    Wear webbed gloves, swim fins, or aqua shoes to increase the surface area of the water you'll be pushing against with your hands and feet. While you can work out without these pieces of equipment, using them will add resistance to each exercise.

    Step 3

    Use aqua dumbbells, noodles for added resistance, much like adding weights to your workout on land. Reap the full benefits of the water's resistance by keeping the dumbbells and noodles underwater as you exercise.


    • Flotation belts and vests designed for deep water exercise do not protect against drowning. It's best to always work out in a pool with a lifeguard on duty.

    Things You'll Need

    • Flotation vest or belt

    • Webbed gloves

    • Swim fins

    • Aqua dumbbells

    • Noodle

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