What Is Supreme Pilates?

Supreme Pilates is a challenging exercise routine that uses machines.
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Pilates is a type of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates during World War I while he was in a prison camp in the United Kingdom. Joseph Pilates designed a fitness program to improve and preserve the health of himself and others interned during the war. Over the years, Pilates has grown to one of the most popular forms of exercise. Much of Pilates exercises are done on a mat with no equipment, but advanced Pilates exercises are performed on equipment, such as the Reformer and the Cadillac. Supreme Pilates is a smaller, home version of the Cadillac Pilates exercise equipment.

About Ellen Croft

    Ellen Croft is a fitness professional and a Pilates instructor. Her fitness career began early as she competed in sporting events such as horse riding and skiing. After overcoming serious illness, Croft became a private trainer and encountered Pilates. She opened a Pilates studio in California and began training clients. Her business grew and soon she was training stars and executives as well as not-so-famous people. At the time, Pilates equipment was available primarily in gyms. Croft recognized the need for affordable home equipment. She designed a home machine that is affordable, portable and effective.

The Machine

    The Supreme Pilates machine works similarly to the large Cadillac machine developed by Joseph Pilates, but it is smaller and portable. The Supreme adds resistance to your Pilates workout by the use of cables, which you can pull with your arms and legs. Croft's machine includes cushioned supports for your neck and back to support your spine while performing exercises. People up to 300 pounds can safely use the Supreme. When you are done exercising, it folds for easy storage under your bed or in a closet.


    The Pilates Supreme comes with a DVD that provides step-by-step instruction for your home use. The video shows you how to do each exercise. You can sit or lie on the padded mat and pull the cables, which provide resistance as you perform Pilates exercises, such as the spine lift, hip opener and short spinals. Pilates exercises improve your core strength, stability and posture; however, if weight loss is your goal, you need to incorporate aerobic exercise, such as walking, bicycling and running.


    The Supreme is a good option for home Pilates exercise for those who can't make it to the gym. However, some safety precautions will help you avoid injury. Before you start using Pilates home exercise equipment, including the Supreme, seek instruction by a qualified Pilates instructor. Perform the exercises properly to avoid injury to your muscles and joints. Carefully read the instruction manual for your Supreme Pilates exercise machine before you try to use it. Keep children away from your equipment. Check the construction before each use to make sure there are no loose parts.

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