How to Be Supportive When Someone Loses His Job

Being unemployed can be extremely stressful.
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Losing a job can be a very stressful time for anyone. This is especially true in a tough economy when jobs are scarce. The thoughts of bills piling up and the inability to purchase major necessities, such as groceries and medicine, can make an individual feel anxious and worried. One of the best things you can do for someone who has lost his job is to be supportive. Knowing someone is there that cares can provide the encouragement needed to push forward.

Step 1

Listen to what he has to say. Often it helps just to have someone to talk to about a job loss and the worries that come along with it. Be there when he needs to complain or talk about opportunities.

Step 2

Remind him of his strengths and talents. When someone loses his job, it can make him feel worthless. Remind the person his past employer may not have been a good match, but he will eventually find a job to utilize his abilities.

Step 3

Offer to help revamp his resume. Add current skills and job experience, and note any current goals. You can download templates for word processing programs to help format a new resume. It's important that his resume is current when he begins looking for a job. Offer constructive criticism.

Step 4

Purchase the person an encouragement card. According to BBC News, sometimes it helps knowing someone thought enough to purchase a card. For most people, a job defines who they are. It helps a person to know you like him not just for the career he has.

Step 5

Keep the person occupied. Offer to take him to lunch and introduce him to your friends. You can help open job opportunities by allowing the person to network with people you know.

Step 6

Provide a reference when the person applies for a job. Most job applications require you have references. Offer to give a good, honest reference.

Step 7

Look for job opportunities that would be a good match for your friend. If you're shopping and see a help wanted sign, or if you hear potential employers mention they need help, pass the information on to your friend. Send links to job sites and offer job tips.

Step 8

Check in with your friend often and ask if there's anything you can do to help. Offer to give rides to interviews. Try to remain positive and avoid talk of the economy or the job market.

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