The Best Summer Jobs for Teachers

Summer means a new job for some teachers.
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As that last school bell of the year reverberates down the hallways and children run screaming from their school, many teachers let out a sigh of relief. They give themselves pats on the back for jobs well-done and start to ponder what they are going to do with their free time during the summer months. For many teachers, the answer may be surprising -- get a job. This actually makes sense if you're strapped for cash, and besides, it's not like your partner can take the summer off to sip lemonade with you on the deck. This summer, take a break from the rigors of teaching while still putting your classroom-honed skills to good use.


Students often experience learning loss during the summer months. Many parents, eager to prevent this, seek private tutors to work with their learners and keep them mentally sharp. Teachers can meet the needs of parents and earn some extra cash by working as paid tutors during the summer months. By doing so, these teachers can keep their teaching skills sharp while helping out America’s children, ensuring that their summers aren’t brain-draining ones.

Bookstore Clerk

Teachers dedicate their lives to disseminating knowledge. Bookstore clerks focus their work hours on selling books – which are filled with knowledge. These two careers are part of the same trajectory and fit well together, making it entirely appropriate -- and likely even enjoyable -- for a teacher to spend her summers loading up the shelves and making reading recommendations at the local bookseller.

Ice Cream Store Attendant

Many teachers seek a summer job that will bring in some extra money but won’t saddle them with stress. If you seek a carefree and relaxing work environment, consider grabbing your scoop and serving up ice cream to fill the summer months. Teachers are ideally suited for jobs of this nature because they are masters in friendly communication, a skill that they have built servicing their students and parents and can easily parlay into this simple summer job. Because the duties of an ice cream store worker are so basic, this job will allow you to pad your bank account with minimal hassle or anxiety.

Camp Counselor

Individuals who are equally passionate about education and the outdoors will likely find no better summer employment than working as a camp counselor. Working in this capacity allows teachers to venture away from home and into the wilderness for the summer months, educating campers and drawing a paycheck while enjoying a break from reality. This job is particularly ideal for teachers in the field of science, as it allows them to learn lessons that they can bring right back into the classroom come fall.

Teaching Abroad

Many opportunities are available for teachers who want to keep right on teaching throughout the summer -- and are eager to see the world while doing so. Some teacher-exchange programs offer abridged summer exchanges that allow teachers the chance to visit an exotic landscape and teach their summers away. This option is perfect for travel-loving teachers or social studies teachers who want to be able to speak with more authority about distant lands to their new crop of students.

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