How to Be a Successful Property & Casualty Insurance Agent

Professionalism goes a long way when working with clients.
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As with any profession, the keys to success in property and casualty insurance sales include hard work, dedication and the ability to accept rejection. While property and casualty insurance sales is primarily a male-driven workforce, the industry offers women the same potential for success. Understanding how to effectively market yourself and your company’s products helps you move forward in your career.

    Step 1

    Study the products your company offers and know the information before you attend an appointment. As a property and casualty agent, the company provides the coverage and policies and you offer your knowledge. Generally, insurance companies provide training for agents online or in a classroom setting.

    Step 2

    Talk to your clients and listen to their needs. Having an idea of what your client needs helps you prepare. For instance, find out if they own their home or rent before the appointment and have a list of products and discounts available to meet their insurance needs. Also, cross-sell the products. If a client has her auto policy with you, offer to give her a homeowner's quote and show her the discounts available.

    Step 3

    Advertise and use tools, such as the radio, local newspapers and the Internet to market yourself. Help build your clientele by advertising at local events, like sporting events and school functions. Also, visit local businesses and build relationships.

    Step 4

    Practice name recognition. Clients are more inclined to purchase insurance though an agent they recognize. For instance, print business cards with your picture on them and place your picture and name on a billboard.

    Step 5

    Ask for referrals. Your current clients are a great place to start. Also, ask other professionals, such as real estate agents and mortgage brokers, to refer clients.

    Step 6

    Maintain a professional appearance. You do not have to wear a dress all day, everyday. Remember, however, when you work as an insurance agent, every person you meet, even if it is at the local ballpark at a little-league game, is a potential client.

    Step 7

    Continue your education -- after all, knowledge is power. Each state requires property and casualty agents to complete a required number of continuing education hours. For instance, Alabama requires 24 hours a year for producers and 12 hours for agents. Choose a subject where you may need more training and utilize the Internet or classroom training available.


    • Learn to accept rejection as part of the job and move on. All sales professionals are told no. For every one yes, you can expect several no’s.


    • Seek help from a producer if you do not have the knowledge necessary to meet your client's needs.

    Things You'll Need

    • Internet access

    • Business cards

    • Business attire

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