Successful Careers for Virgos

Wear your Virgo charactersitics proudly and take care of business.
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Some people won’t leave the house until they’ve checked their charts. Others simply don’t put any faith in the stars to predict their lives. For still others, astrology and its use for predicting the future is a form of entertainment that often turns out to be eerily true. As long as you don’t make life and death decision by the rise and fall of the moon and stars or defy your doctor’s orders, it can’t hurt to see where you might stand with regards to a career path – especially if you’re a Virgo and are at your wits end about what move to make next.


    Virgos, born between August 23 and September 22, are said to be sticklers for detail. The only female sign among the 12 astrological forms, Virgo the Virgin sometimes comes across as being cold and calculating – a sign that the zodiac was created by men. However, Virgos do make pretty good accountants. You’ll pore over those figures and make sure everything is absolutely right before it gets out of your hands. That critical nature and attention to detail also work well for tax auditors and bookkeepers.


    Because of their sense of pride and perfection, Virgos don’t always get along well in jobs that require them to interact with other people, especially when those people aren’t consistent and reliable. But, you’ll do well in technical situations where you can control your environment and your work production. That attention to detail comes into play when you’re working with technical designs or repair wowrk. Whether you’re in a lab collecting and sorting data or building a spreadsheet of technical terms for a new computer model, your methodical attention to detail will serve you well.


    Virgos often are a whirlwind when it comes to keeping a clean house. Virgos are the hosts who constantly run behind guests and pick up crumbs or stick coasters under drinks. You could put that energy and eye for cleanliness and details to work for you as a professional housecleaner. You may not have the vision or the risk-aversion to run your own business, since you like order and knowing where your next paycheck is coming from. But, boy oh boy, put you in a messy room with a mop and bucket and you’ll whip it into shape in no time. Your perfectionist leanings give new meaning to the saying “clean enough to eat off the floor.”


    For Virgos looking for a professional career, architecture may offer some pleasing alternatives. As an architect, you can follow a very strict set of guidelines and rules that don’t vary with the political climate or change following philosophical debates. Besides deciding where to place the closets, the primary focus of creating buildings relies on precise measurements and statistical analyses of the environment, leaving no room for error or interpretation. You like it that way, and the people who eventually use your buildings will be glad they had a Virgo design them.

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