How to Strengthen Your Fingers for Volleyball

Strengthening your fingers can help improve your volleyball performance.

Strengthening your fingers can help improve your volleyball performance.

Strengthening your fingers can help to improve your overall volleyball performance. The fingers and hands are an integral part of playing this vigorous sport and you'll need to have healthy hands to improve your technique. Strengthening your fingers can bring more agility and power to your volley and may decrease your risk for finger sprains and other injuries. Perform finger-strengthening exercises several times per day. The entire routine should only take several minutes to complete.

Finger Raises

Place both hands flat on a table or desk. Spread your fingers away from each other energetically.

Raise your right thumb, hold for two seconds and release the thumb back to the table.

Raise and lower each finger individually until you have completed each finger on both hands.

Finger Wall Pushups

Stand roughly 1 foot away from a wall.

Place your fingertips on the wall at shoulder height. Spread your fingers wide energetically.

Bend your elbows and lower your chest toward the wall, keeping your feet firmly planted on the floor. Press your fingers into the wall and use your finger strength to press your torso back to an upright position. Perform 12 to 15 repetitions of finger wall pushups.

Finger Press

Turn your palms to face the sky and spread your fingers away from each other.

Press your thumb into the pad of your pointer finger. Apply resistance from both fingers and press as hard as you can.

Use the thumb to press against each finger individually for 10 seconds until you have exercised every finger on both hands.

Isometric Hand Press

Press your palms together and position the palms directly in front of your chest.

Bend your elbows out to the sides.

Press your hands and fingers against each other as hard as you can, applying isometric pressure. Hold for 10 seconds and release, performing up to 10 rounds.


  • Throughout the day make fists, hold and release, to help strengthen your hands and fingers.


  • Speak to your doctor if you have pain or pressure in any of your fingers; you may have a joint sprain or muscle strain.

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