How to Stop Job Gossip

Putting an end to gossiping in the workplace will help build trust among co-workers.
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Gossiping in the workplace has many negative side effects such as diminished productivity, lower trust between co-workers and the breakdown of communication between teams. However, gossiping is a problem that is hard to eliminate from the workplace and is commonly found in companies and offices across the nation. Because of the negative impacts of gossiping in the workplace, it is in a manager’s best interest to eradicate gossip in the office as early as possible to help alleviate future problems that come with it.

Step 1

Refuse to take part in the office gossip. When someone starts talking about what they heard about another worker simply walk away or say something like, “I don’t think that conversation is appropriate for work.”

Step 2

Be aware of co-workers who are known to start gossip or drama. Try to keep contact with these workers to a minimum. If you have to speak with them, only talk about the work that needs to be done.

Step 3

Talk with your co-workers regularly about projects, deadlines and who is responsible for what work. When everyone in the office clearly knows the details of the project, there is less room for hearsay about the project between co-workers.

Step 4

Set workplace rules and create a standard of ethics to hold co-workers accountable for their actions. Let everyone in the office know that gossiping will not be tolerated, and it is up to the workers in the office to hold each other accountable if gossiping starts.

Step 5

Let the problematic employees know that they have been identified as starting gossip and rumors and that their behavior should stop or further action will be taken.

Step 6

Dispel any rumors that you know to be false. Stopping the rumor in its tracks will lesson the chance that it will be spread further.

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