How to Stop Having Gas From Protein Shakes

You can reduce gas from protein shakes by making a few changes.

You can reduce gas from protein shakes by making a few changes.

Having gas is not only uncomfortable, but can be potentially embarrassing. Although passing gas is a part of life, most people want to avoid the humiliating process of farting or belching in public. Consuming protein shakes may help you build muscle mass but it also may cause an increase in intestinal gas in some individuals.

Switch the type of protein you use in your protein shake. Both whey and casein protein are milk proteins, which may contribute to gas. Try an egg-based or soy-based protein instead.

Mix the protein with soy or other nondairy milk. The lactose in cow’s milk often causes gas if your body has a difficult time digesting it.

Consume the probiotic bifidobacteria. This can help to displace the gas- causing bacteria. You can find bifidobacteria supplements or eat yogurt that contains this probiotic.

Drink your protein shake slowly to prevent swallowing excess air. Drinking too fast can cause belching and can cause other digestion problems.

Take a short-walk after drinking your protein shake. This can help get your digestion moving and prevent gas from building up.

Reduce the fiber intake in your protein shake. If you add flax seeds or other fiber, you may need to temporarily decrease the fiber until your body adjusts to it. Adding too much fiber at once can cause uncomfortable gas.

Try an over-the-counter remedy that helps prevent intestinal gas. You can find products to help you digest lactose. Other products that contain simethicone can help to reduce gas.


  • Consult your physician if you are unable to relive your gas to rule out any underlying medical problems.

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