How to Start Boxing at Home With No Boxing Equipment

You can learn the basics of boxing with no equipment at all.
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Boxing is a highly competitive sport that requires a developed combination of agility, speed, strength, endurance and technique. Although most boxers train with medicine balls, punching bags and other kinds of expensive weigh-training equipment, you can start training at home and develop skills with no boxing equipment at all.

Step 1

Perform body-weight exercises to improve your physical strength. Common examples of body-weight exercises that don't require equipment include pushups, situps, lunges and squats. Start slowly and try to perform a set of 10 pushups, using good form, followed by 20 situps. Perform three sets of each for a complete workout. As your strength improves, work up to sets of 20 pushups and 40 situps.

Step 2

Perform cardiovascular exercises to improve your stamina and endurance. Some forms of cardio include running, jogging, cycling, aerobic dance and running. Aerobic dance is especially conducive to boxing because it improves your agility and footwork while working your heart and lungs. Perform intense cardio workouts lasting at least 45 minutes each a minimum of four days per week.

Step 3

Throw an ordinary rubber ball against a hard wall and catch it to improve your reaction time and hand-eye coordination. This will improve your ability to defend against punches and land punches of your own. Try throwing the ball behind your back and waiting until you hear it bounce off the wall before turning around to catch it. This will increase the challenge of the exercise and keep you guessing as to exactly where the ball will bounce back.

Step 4

Practice basic boxing moves, such as the jab and the right cross. The jab is a straight punch thrown with your left fist to the imaginary opponent's head. The right cross doubles as an offensive and defensive move. Perform a right cross by dipping slightly in order to allow an imaginary opponent's jab to pass above your shoulder, and simultaneously throw a straight punch aimed at your opponent's head using your right hand.

Step 5

Execute slightly more advanced moves, such as the uppercut and hook. To throw an uppercut, bend your elbow 90 degrees and make a fast upward motion with your fist. To throw a hook, similarly bend your elbow 90 degrees and strike in a horizontal motion, as if you were trying to land the blow on the side of your opponent's head.

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