How to Sprint for a Bigger Butt

Sprinting burns calories and works your glutes like nothing else.
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The butt is a problem area for many women. Some want it slimmer and smaller, while others want their glutes large, lean and strong enough to fill out any pair of booty jeans. Sprinting is a great way to burn calories, but the best thing about it is the strength you gain at the same time. Adding hill sprints into the equation makes for a butt-blasting workout that won't be rivaled by squats, lunges or other glute-targeted exercises.

    Step 1

    Warm up before a sprint workout with a light jog around the track, then perform high knees and jumping jacks to elevate your heart rate and raise your body temperature to get the blood pumping.

    Step 2

    Sprint the straightaways on the track and walk or jog the turns for recovery. Repeat this until you've circled the track five times for a total of 10 sprints. Sprint at 50 to 70 percent of your max capacity. You can change this workout up by increasing the distance of each sprint and recovery.

    Step 3

    Target your glutes, hamstrings and other butt flexors by incorporating hill sprints into your routine. The steep angle of hill sprints have several advantages over traditional sprints: Your glutes will fire more to push your body up the hill; you'll build more muscle and burn more calories because of the increased effort; and your sprinting technique will improve, since hill sprints force you into a forward lean and cause you to emphasize the muscles you need to propel you.

    Step 4

    Cool down with a light jog around the track and put yourself through a dynamic stretching routine following a sprint workout. According to the American Council on Exercise, your muscles, ligaments and tendons are more receptive to the benefits of stretching after a hard workout.


    • You're not going to emphasize your butt muscles without a forward lean or a strong push off, which is why hill sprints are ideal for butt training. If you want to gain lean muscle, you need a balanced diet with plenty of protein and quality carbs. Eat eggs, vegetables, nuts and other lean foods to keep the results coming.


    • Sprinting can be a high-impact exercise on your muscles and joints, which is why you can't treat it like a leisurely jog around the park. Sprint two or three times per week and take recovery days to let your muscles rest and rebuild. Proper technique is essential to minimizing your risk of injury during sprints and for getting the most out of your workout.

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