Are Spinner Bikes a Good Source of Exercise?

Indoor cycling bikes offer a variety of workout options.
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A multi-tasking woman deserves a multi-tasking workout. A good exercise burns calories, improves your heart function and strengthens your muscles. Indoor cycling workouts, performed on spinner bikes, provide a great place for this workout trio that provides a low-impact workout. So, have a seat, get ready to sweat and check three tasks off your to-do list.

Weight Loss

A good exercise program burns calories to help you maintain or lose weight. According to, you burn approximately 400 to 600 calories in a 40-minute cycling workout. To do so, keep a cycling speed between 80 and 100 revolutions per minute and aim to cover approximately 15 to 20 miles in this time. Even as a beginner, exercise on a spinner bike uses fat and carbohydrates to fuel your workout, burns calories and can lead to weight loss if combined with a healthy eating program. You burn fat when you exercise at a workout intensity level that makes you sweat, but doesn't leave you breathless.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Your spinner bike provides a high-intensity aerobic workout to strengthen your heart and vascular system. A study from the American Council on Exercise revealed that the heart rates of indoor cycling participants reached levels close to their maximum. You control the resistance on the wheel and the pace of your ride, so you can easily adjust your workout intensity to fit your training heart rate levels.


You build muscle tissue when you work out on a spinner bike. The front and back of your thighs and your calves work together to keep the wheel rotating. Your glutes do more than keep you on the saddle; they contract each time your hip extends. If you perform movements such as jumps and hovers, you use the muscles in your back, chest and arms as you transition from a seated to a standing position.


Compare your indoor cycling workout to bicycling outdoors, and you'll find a few advantages. First, your workout is not weather-dependent when you cycle indoors, so you'll never miss a session because of rain or snow. This allows you to be consistent with your workout routine. Second, you remove the outside obstacles that may slow your workout. You do not need to stop for traffic, lights or stop signs on an indoor bike. Also, you cannot coast downhill on a spinner bike; you are always pedaling to keep the flywheel turning. This increases the aerobic portion of your indoor cycling workout so your actual workout time is longer than if you cycle outdoors on a route with hills.

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