Speed Rope Workout for Leg Toning

Speed rope does not require many supplies to get started.
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Svelte, toned legs that stop traffic are much more attainable than you think, especially when you add a speed rope routine to your workout. This is an exercise program often used by boxers and other serious athletes to get into peak physical shape. You strengthen your legs while doing an excellent cardio workout -- it's definitely win-win. Start doing a speed rope routine a few days a week to see, and feel, benefits within the next few months.

Step 1

Purchase a jump rope of good quality. Even the best jump ropes are less than the price of one exercise class, so you're not exactly breaking the bank by purchasing a good one. The rope should be long enough that it goes underneath your feet with no problems and should not cause you to trip or fall while using it. Talk to the salesperson at the sporting goods store for advice on the right size for your physique.

Step 2

Perform your speed rope workout in a safe area that has a clean floor space. A gym, a large room in your home or a track are all good places to get started. Hold the jump rope handle firmly with your elbows by your sides. Make small circles with your wrists when turning the jump rope. Your upper arms should not move very much, and your forearms should only move slightly in a circular motion. Proper form for speed rope focuses mainly on moving your wrists.

Step 3

Hold one end of the jump rope in each hand and twirl the rope around your body, from overhead to the front and keep it going around. Jump over the rope when it lands by your feet. You are probably familiar with this from years of playground play as a child, but start slowly to avoid accidents.

Step 4

Jump with a single bounce for each turn of the rope. Do this until you feel warmed up, anywhere from one to 10 minutes. Switch to jumping while you are running in place. Don't get discouraged if the jump rope gets off track. Simply begin again. Run in place while speed jump roping for three to five minutes.

Step 5

Jump using one foot at a time, alternating feet each time the rope comes around. Try double bouncing each foot to really feel the burn in your calves. Do this for 30 seconds to two minutes, depending on how long you can stand it. Switch to alternating legs from side to side each time the rope bounces. This provides your inner and outer thighs with more of a workout. Do this for two to five minutes before moving on.

Step 6

Train using an interval method for a 10-minute time period. Jump rope, using a single bounce, as fast as you can for one minute. Stop and breathe deeply for one minute. Alternate back and forth between the speed rope and rest until the time period is over.

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