Special Skills for an Acting Resume

Your resume experience should expand beyond textbook "experience."
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An acting resume has specific sections that are designed to highlight your demographics, acting experience, training and skills. Some of the skills listed on an actor's resume would not be considered skills on a standard professional resume. Just as the skills section on a standard professional resume is designed to sell you to an employer, the skills section on your actor's resume is designed to sell you to casting directors. Only list skills at which you are proficient. If you lie about your skills, it will be revealed when the casting director asks you to perform.

Technical Skills

    There are numerous types of acting techniques that are used by actors on a regular basis. Some of these techniques are self-taught. However, many of them are learned in acting classes. If you have taken an acting class that teaches a specific acting technique, such as the Meisner, Stanislavsky or Alexander technique, include the learned technique in the skills section. It is common to have more than one acting technique listed in the skills section.

Professional Skills

    List your professional skills in the special skills section of your acting resume. Professional skills include things you do professionally, including previous or current occupations. Casting directors spend a lot of time casting for “extras,” also known as background actors. You never know when a casting director will need someone with your occupational skills. For instance, he may need a doctor, nurse, beautician or band director to assume a background role. If you have experience working in one of the needed occupations, it increases your chances of getting the role.

Hobbies and Uncommon Skills

    Include your hobbies into the skills section of your acting resume. The reason for listing hobbies is the same as the reason for listing professional skills. You never know when a casting director will be looking for someone to do what you love to do. For instance, he may need a horseback rider or roller skater for a commercial. He may need a football player, park jogger or ballet dancer for a movie. Some skills are uncommon, as not many people can do them. An example of uncommon skills include touching the tip of your nose with your tongue or wrapping your leg around your neck.

Miscellaneous Skills

    If you have other important information that needs to go on your actor's resume that is not appropriate for the demographics, experience and training sections, it should be included in the skills section. An example of miscellaneous skills include your willingness to travel and whether or not you have a passport. This is important information to a casting director, especially if the role is not local or requires overseas travel. If you speak a specific dialect or foreign language, place it here. If you wear wigs, place that information here. By doing so, the casting director will know that your hairstyle is very versatile.

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