Spa Concierge Job Description

A spa concierge must master the art of hospitality.
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The position of spa concierge emerged in the 1990s after hotels and day spas began offering more amenities and services. Still a relatively new career option, a spa concierge performs duties similar to those of a hotel concierge. However, unlike a hotel concierge, the spa concierge must also handle day-to-day operations, such as booking appointments, retails sales, marketing and minor housekeeping duties. Their primary responsibility is to ensure an optimal experience for the spa client.


    Like all receptionists, spa concierges greet clients, answer telephones and act as gatekeepers at the front desk. They also book appointments, promote services and product sales. What separates the spa concierge from the typical receptionist is the emphasis on customer service. A spa concierge for a resort or hotel may be asked to accompany a guest from their room to an appointment, serve refreshments, organize towels in a locker room or apply makeup. Because they are often "the face" of the business, spa concierges must appear professional and well groomed.

Problem Solver

    Similar to the hotel concierge, the spa concierge acts as problem solver. Being a jack-of-all trades comes in handy when facing the individual demands of hundreds of clients. If a day spa client wants to add additional services to an appointment, the concierge handles it. A client who has booked a day of services may become hungry and the concierge must arrange to have food delivered. If a massage therapist calls in sick, the spa concierge must juggle schedules and appointments. Flexibility and adaptability are key characteristics of successful spa concierges.

Event Coordinator

    Spas hold events and the spa concierge is responsible for things going off without a hitch. This includes planning bachelorette parties, girls' nights out, couples retreats and company outings. As event coordinator, the spa concierge may have to develop a theme for a bridal party, oversee a skincare event or plan a charity auction. Coordinating events means sending out invitations, ordering food and providing gift bags for the occasion. Relationships built through networking are essential to event planning.

Personal Assistant

    The primary role of the spa concierge is to meet the needs of the spa goer. Sometimes this means providing personal assistance. A spa concierge may be asked to arrange for car service home for a client or to have flowers delivered with a gift card. Corporate clients may require 10 identical gift baskets to be created and delivered to their offices. The more upscale the spa, the more personalized care the patrons demand. A spa concierge needs top-notch organizational and communication skills to meet these demands.

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