How to Have a Slimmer Neck

Increase muscle tone and lose body fat to get a slimmer neck.
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You don’t have to live with the flabby look of a turkey neck or double chin. Although it’s normal for neck muscles to get looser with age, such sagging is avoidable. If you’re like most women, you want a slimmer neck to create and maintain the taut and graceful look that keeps you looking young and fit. You can get that slimmer, toned look by achieving a healthy body weight and using neck exercises to strengthen and define key neck muscles.

Neck Workout Routine

Step 1

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Head rotation: While looking straight ahead, rotate your head slowly toward your right shoulder as far as you can. Hold briefly before returning your head slowly back to center position. Repeat this move toward the left shoulder.

Step 2

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Side head tilt: Looking straight ahead, slowly tilt your head toward your right shoulder without touching your ear to your shoulder. Hold this position briefly before returning your head slowly to center position. Repeat toward your left shoulder.

Step 3

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Front and back head tilt: Slowly tip your head back until you’re looking straight up. Hold this position for a moment, then tilt your head forward to resume the starting pose.

Step 4

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Front and back head tilt with resistance: Repeat the previous front and back head tilt but vary the exercise by using your hand on your head to provide resistance for five seconds, and relax after each rep.

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