Does Skipping Burn Calories Faster Than Running?

Skipping brings back childhood memories of playground fun.
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Skipping might look a little silly, but it can provide you with the boundless joy and energy that you felt as a child. It's the perfect way for a grown woman to inject some fun into a boring run or walk. You can also skip while jumping rope, but is it a worthwhile exercise for burning calories compared to running? The answer: Skipping has many benefits for your heart, waistline and mental health. How many calories you burn while skipping or running depends on how long you exercise.


    Skipping for exercise, whether outside or inside with a jump rope, can be great exercise. You can burn anywhere from 800 to 1,300 calories during one hour. Skipping is also good because it is fun, which means you might have extra motivation to do it. The novelty might wear off after a few times, which means you'll be stuck doing something that feels strange compared to running or jogging. Embrace your inner child and skip your way to physical fitness.


    Running at a decent pace, approximately eight miles per hour, can burn anywhere from 800 to 1,300 calories in one hour. Running can be done just about anywhere, which gives you a lot of freedom. You might look silly because you are sweaty and breathing heavy, but you probably don't look like you do when skipping. The exercises basically provide a similar workout, so the choice depends on your preference.

Burn More Calories

    Maximize the amount of calories that you burn skipping or running by doing the activities on a regular basis. Measure your target heart rate and try to meet it for at least 20 to 30 minutes during your workout. Alternate between skipping and running if it keeps you more active than doing one of the exercises at a time. Keep your pace intense to ensure that you are burning the maximum number of calories possible, as quickly as possible.

Other Considerations

    You can boost the amount of calories that you burn by asking a friend to work out with you. This will help to increase your pace and keep you accountable. Another way to stay motivated to burn calories quickly is to watch your diet. Stick to healthy foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, and you will have more energy to use skipping or jumping.

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