Single Leg Deadlift Row Technique

A dumbbell is most commonly used for single leg deadlift row.
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If you're like most, it's difficult to find the time to get in your strength-training workouts. A great option to combat the time crunch is to do exercises that work multiple muscle groups, such as the single leg deadlift row. Deadlifts require work from both your upper and lower body. Plus, standing on one leg challenges your coordination and balance. Take the time to master the technique before picking up a heavy dumbbell.


    First up in performing the single leg deadlift row is to get into the right starting position. Stand on one leg and hold a dumbbell in the opposite hand. Allow the weight to hang down in front of your legs with your palm facing your thigh. It will take some trial and error to figure out what weight of dumbbell is best. You want to challenge yourself and make each set difficult, but because you’re standing on one leg, you won’t be able to lift as heavy of a dumbbell as if you were performing row while kneeling on a bench.


    Once you’re ready to get going, slightly bend the knee of your supporting leg and bend forward at the waist. Keep your back straight the entire time. Your free leg will swing backwards so that it remains in-line with your torso. Once your back is parallel to the floor, hold that position and pull the dumbbell up to your chest by driving your elbow up toward the ceiling. Straighten your arm to return the weight back down and rise back up to a standing position. Perform all of the repetitions on one side and then switch to the other leg and arm.


    When figuring out the muscles involved in the single leg deadlift row, you’ve got to note the group of muscles that handle the deadlift and the ones that take on the row. The muscles that perform the deadlift include the gluteus maximus, the hamstrings and the lower back. The glutes and hamstrings extend your hips while your lower back muscles keep your back straight. To perform the row, the latissimus dorsi, which is the largest muscle in your back, drives your arm back up towards the ceiling. Your biceps at the front of your arms bend your elbow as you pull the weight to your chest.

Technique Using Band

    The exercise can also be done while using a resistance band. Attach one end of the band to a stationary object so that it’s in line with your shin. Stand on one leg facing the stationary object and hold onto the free end of the resistance band with the opposite hand. Perform the deadlift component of the exercise. As you come up out of the deadlift, simultaneously drive your elbow back and pull your hand in towards your chest so that you finish the row as you return to a standing position. Straighten your arm out before lowering down into the next deadlift.

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