Signs & Symptoms of Kundalini Energy

Meditating can release Kundalini energy or calm it down.
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Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that has been translated to mean coil, as in a snake. Kundalini energy refers to a metaphoric snake coiled up and ready to strike. According to yoga practitioners, Kundalini is the feminine energy that resides at the base of the spine and lies dormant until it is awakened. The awakening can be accomplished intentionally through meditation or massage or it may spontaneously occur without you realizing what happened. If awakened prematurely, the intense Kundalini energy can be disruptive.

Disruptive Energy

    Kundalini energy can be unsettling for some women, especially if the awakening was unintended. You may feel your body jerking or twitching mildly or it may escalate to arm waving and your head involuntarily tipping backward or bobbing from side to side. You may also have difficulty sleeping, wake up frequently during the night, or experience panic attacks. Other unpleasant symptoms are feeling that your body is uncomfortable and that the energy welling up is so enormous that it will wash over you like a tsunami. It can affect your ability to focus and concentrate.

Pleasurable Energy

    Some women have described the Kundalini awakening experience as intense, yet pleasing. The awakening energy can cause a creative burst and a heightened interest in self-expression through poetry, art and music. Other signs are increased psychic ability, past-life memories, and powerful spiritual awareness of chakras and auras. You may feel an increased interest in family history and desirous to make connections with relatives who are deceased.

Problematic Symptoms

    On rare occasions Kundalini energy can actually manifest in ways that cause life-disrupting symptoms that may require help. Headaches, extreme fatigue and sudden digestive problems can interfere with daily activities. Some of the most disturbing possible symptoms are those that mimic psychosis: hearing voices, seeing visions or strange lights, becoming aware of realities other than your own and encountering disembodied visitors.

Heightened Senses

    When Kundalini energy awakens, many of your senses will be heightened. You may feel more romantic toward your partner, grief will be more intense, and outbursts of crying for no reason can occur. Unprovoked rage and anger are possible, as are episodes of depression. Heat may feel hotter to you and cold may feel colder. You could experience extreme hyperactivity or the polar opposite and not be able to drag yourself out of bed. As a result of unleashed energy, you might feel your heart racing and pain in your chest. The pain of headaches will also be more pronounced.

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