Signs of Being Approachable in the Workplace

Being approachable can lead to more open communication in the workplace.
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Whether you are someone at entry level or a high-level manager, being approachable in the workplace can help you gain recognition and respect. It also helps to foster a healthy work environment, according to an article on the AllBusiness website on secrets to being an approachable manager. Being approachable helps to build positive relationships with other employees and fosters more open communication. Think about the type of work environment you would like to be around. When there are approachable coworkers, you're in a much happier environment.

Leave Your Door Open

    When you have an office and you choose to leave your door open, it informs others that you are open to discussion. Others will also feel more connected to you because they can overhear discussions you have with others and over the telephone. There are times when the door needs to be closed for sensitive business matters, but in general, if you leave your door open, you will come across as approachable.

Small Talk

    You may be at work, but there's always room to ask others about their day or the weekend. That builds small talk so that you and your coworkers have the chance to learn about each other's lives outside work. When there is a friendly factor to the relationship, it makes it easier to work with each other and its expresses that you are approachable. According to a 2012 article from "U.S. News & World Report" on tips for middle management success, open communication also lets others know that you are open to people coming to you for help and guidance on issues before they become larger problems.


    Being approachable means you are willing to listen. When you talk over others, it becomes a one-way conversation. For others to feel comfortable approaching you, they need to know that you will listen to what they have to say. According to a 2011 articles from "Forbes" on leadership, all good leaders recognize the value of listening to others.

Empathy and Compassion

    Showing you care is a sign that you are approachable. According to a 2011 MSBNC article on empathy in the office, letting people know that you care shows your human side. It is not all about rules. It shows you want to be in touch with others and want to help. Essentially, you are human just like they. There are many ways to show you have empathy and compassion, including saying "sorry" when you are wrong, offering a hug when a coworker is upset, showing excitement and offering congratulations to others who are promoted or succeed at a challenge.

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