How to Shrink Your Waist With Yoga

Trim your waistine with yoga.
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Whittling your waistline with yoga is doable if you keep in mind that spot-reducing without the addition of several fat-burning cardio workouts a week is not. Add a healthy, low-fat diet to the mix and you’ve got a triple-threat shot at shrinking your waist. Kundalini yoga moves will get your heart rate pumping while targeting the four major muscles in your abdomen -- the two obliques, your six-pack, or rectus abdominus, and your lower belly girdle, also know as the transversus abdominus.

Step 1

Stand with your feet spread about 2- to 3-feet apart and raise your arms to shoulder height out to the sides. Keep your knees slightly bent and the outside edges of your feet connected to the floor throughout the whole exercise. On an exhale, contract your abs as you twist your upper torso and head to the left. Inhale and then twist all the way to the right. Speed up the movements until your hair is flying -- aim to be a whirligig for one to two minutes.

Step 2

Lie on your back on a rug or yoga mat. Lift your arms and position them on the floor behind your head. Take a deep inhale and then on your exhale lift your right leg and left arm off the floor. Touch the toes of your right foot with your left hand. Inhale as you return your limbs back down to their starting positions. Repeat the move with your left leg and right arm. Start with 15 per side for a total of 30 single leg lifts and work your way up to 50 in total over time. This move works all the muscles of your abdomen, so be conscientious about contacting your abs as you exhale. Bringing your attention to the muscles you want to tone should be a habit you want to cultivate to get the most out of your yoga exercises.

Step 3

Kneel on all fours to kick it up a notch. Exhale, lower your head and then lift your right knee off the floor, bringing it toward your forehead. Inhale, lift your head up and kick your right leg straight out and up behind you. Point your toes at the apex of the move. Perform 20 to 30 of these moves on your right side and then repeat on your left side.

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