Shoulder, Bicep & Back Superset Workout

The lat pulldown develops the major muscle in your back.
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A superset workout allows you to get more exercises and sets done in a shorter amount of time. Because of this, supersetting your workout is a great option if you only have a limited amount of time to work out, or if you’re interested in building tone or bigger muscles. The back, shoulders and biceps can be compiled together in one superset workout.


    Traditional strength-training workouts call for you to complete all the sets of one exercise and then move on to the next exercise, until all of the assigned exercises are completed. When you do this, you’ve got to schedule a rest period in between each set. But when you superset a workout, you complete a set of one exercise and then move right into the set of a different exercise. For a superset workout for your back, shoulders and biceps, you complete a set of one back exercise, a set of one shoulder exercise and a set of one biceps exercise. Follow this back-to-back structure until you’re done with all of the assigned repetitions.


    Besides being efficient, supersetting your back, shoulders and biceps workouts offers a number of training benefits. When you do a superset workout, you increase the release of muscle-building hormones which will help increase the size and tone of your muscles while also increasing fat loss. In addition, because you’re always moving, your heart rate will remain elevated throughout the training session, thus offering a cardiovascular training benefit.


    Exercises for the back include pullups, lat pulldown and rows. To target the shoulders, complete shoulder presses, upright rows and dips. For your biceps, perform dumbbell biceps curls, barbell biceps curls and incline curls. During your workout, pick one back exercise, one shoulder exercise and one bicep exercise to be put together. For example, one collection of exercises to superset includes pullups, shoulder presses and dumbbell biceps curls. Then move into the next set of exercises, which could include lat pulldowns, upright rows and barbell biceps curls. Finish with rows, dips and incline curls.

Sets and Repetitions

    The number of times you go through each round of exercises depends on your goals. If you’re trying to build strength, maintain your muscle mass or are limited for time, complete two sets of each round of exercises. Each set should consist of six to 10 repetitions. However, if you’re trying to build bigger muscles, then you’ll need to do more total rounds. Complete each round of exercises three to five times with each set consisting of 10 to 20 repetitions.

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