Should I Bring a Resume to a Grocery Store Interview?

Set yourself apart with a well-written resume.
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If you’ve been invited to a grocery store interview, chances are you filled out an online or paper job application to express your interest in the position. While this means the store has basic information about your work history and education, bringing a resume along to the interview establishes you as a professional, and it allows you to provide detailed information about why you're a good candidate for the job.

Format Your Resume

    A professional resume should include a header with your name and contact information. Don't list the phone number or email address of your current employer, as this can come across as unprofessional. Instead, use a business-like email address comprised of your first and last name or initials. Provide a reverse chronological rundown of your previous work history, followed by your educational credentials, special training and awards and recognition.

List Job-Specific Experience

    Highlight experience related specifically to the grocery store industry. Emphasize previous grocery store work or former retail positions where you used skills related to cashiering, merchandising, inventory management, stocking and customer service. If you've never worked in a grocery store before, describe other positions where you worked with customers, sales or money handling. This helps establish you as someone who has the skills necessary for the grocery store job.

Supplement Your Application

    Most job application forms seek basic information about applicants. Use your resume to provide details you were not able to list on your initial application. For example, go into detail about community or volunteer work, and use a career objective to describe your professional aspirations. Emphasize traits like reliability, enthusiasm, interpersonal communication abilities and teamwork skills. This approach sets you apart from other candidates who do nothing more than fill out a standard job application.

Present Your Resume

    Arrive for your grocery store interview on time and dressed professionally. When the interview starts, the hiring manager will likely reference your application and ask standard interview questions about why you want the job, what your skills are, and what you feel you bring to the company. Provide a copy of your resume as you begin to answer initial introductory questions, and reference the resume as you touch on different aspects of your background. For example, “As you'll see under the special skills and training section of my resume, I completed an internship at a national grocer retail warehouse, where I learned a good deal about safe food-handling practices.”

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