How to Secure Resistance Bands to a Door Frame

Anchor your resistance band by securing it to a door frame.
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Exercise bands, which come in a variety of resistances, can be used at the gym or at home. Because they provide continuous tension during the workout, resistance bands improve muscle coordination and stability, according to a 2012 article published by The American Council on Exercise. For many resistance band exercises, you must use an anchor, so secure your band to one of the most convenient ones around -- a door frame.

Securing a Resistance Band to a Door Frame

Step 1

Attach the resistance band to the door strap/door anchor. Most door straps have a loop on one end and a ball, ring, plate or other anchoring device on the other. Thread the resistance band through the loop and buckle.

Step 2

Open the door that you plan on using to hold your resistance band.

Step 3

Place the anchor end of the door strap on the other side of the door while holding the loop end. Keep the anchor close to the door and hold it at the height at which you'd like the resistance band to remain.

Step 4

Shut the door on the door strap. The loop end of the strap and the resistance band should be on your side of the door while the anchor side of the strap is on the other side. Make sure the door is closed tightly.

Step 5

Pull on the strap until the anchor is snug against the door. Pull several times to ensure that the band is secure.

Step 6

Adjust the position of the strap, if needed, by opening the door slightly and moving the anchor up or down. The strap should be at ankle height for most leg exercises, at hip height for arm exercises and at the very top of the door if you're working out your chest and back.

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