A Sales & Marketing Coordinator's Salary

Sales and marketing coordinators earn more in Minnesota and Washington, DC.
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Sales and marketing coordinators earn more in Minnesota and Washington, DC.

Sales and marketing departments rely on coordinators to compile sales and competitive information, prepare visual aids, schedule email and direct market campaigns and assist with reports, budgets and presentations. Most of these professionals work in smaller corporations, or in companies where marketing directly reports to sales departments. The objective is to combine two functions into one job to save on labor costs. If you're the type of person who likes staying busy with many responsibilities, the job of sales and marketing coordinator may be perfect for you. You can expect to make more than $60,000 annually.

Salary and Qualifications

Sales and marketing coordinators earned average annual salaries of $61,000 as of 2013, according to the job website Indeed. To become a sales and marketing coordinator, you need a bachelor's degree in business, marketing or liberal arts, and at least two years experience in marketing or sales. Some companies may hire you with a high school degree if you have a significant amount of experience in a particular industry. Other important qualifications include creativity, attention to detail, and analytical, communication, decision-making and computer skills.

Salary by Region

Average salaries for sales and marketing coordinators varied considerably within the four U.S. regions in 2012. In the Northeast region, they earned the lowest salaries of $55,000 in Maine and the highest of $72,000 in New York, according to Simply Hired. Those in the Midwest earned $48,000 and $65,000 per year, respectively, in South Dakota and Minnesota, which were the lowest and highest salaries in that region. If you worked in the South region, you would earn a low salary of $51,000 in Louisiana or a high salary of $96,000 in the District of Columbia. In the West region, your earnings would be the lowest of $60,000 in Hawaii or the highest of $69,000 in Alaska or California.

Contributing Factors

Most sales and marketing coordinators earn more through experience. For example, you may qualify for a higher-paying job when you have five years experience. Your salary will probably be higher in Illinois, California and New York because it costs more to live in those states. You may also earn more in certain industries. In 2012, marketing managers, who often oversee the work of sales and marketing coordinators, earned some of the highest salaries in the gas and extraction industry, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – $171,230 versus an average industry salary of $129,870. Other industries that typically pay higher salaries include securities and commodities exchanges and software companies.

Job Outlook

The BLS doesn't project jobs for sales and marketing coordinators. It does forecast job opportunities for both marketing and sales managers, which are expected to increase 14 and 12 percent, respectively, in the next decade. This average growth rate should also be applicable to sales and marketing coordinators, as they often report to sales or marketing managers. Look for these jobs in high growth industries: wireless, renewable energy and software. Companies need sales and marketing coordinators because competition is fierce in many U.S. markets and abroad for multinational corporations.

2018 Salary Information for Sales Managers

Sales managers earned a median annual salary of $124,220 in May 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the low end, sales managers earned a 10th percentile salary of $79,420, meaning 90 percent earned more than this amount. The 90th percentile salary is $168,300, meaning 10 percent earn more. In 2018, 405,700 people were employed in the U.S. as sales managers.

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