How to Run With a Strained Gluteus Maximus

A strained gluteus makes running painful.
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Running with a strained gluteus maximus is a real pain in the butt -- literally. The gluteus maximus is a large muscle that helps stabilize you and propel you forward during your run. Any time you are injured, rest is the surest way to a fast and full recovery. If you must run, however, you can employ a few different strategies to protect your strained backside.

Step 1

Warm up thoroughly before you try to run. You'll probably notice the most stiffness in your sore glute when you first get started, so walk at a comfortable pace for five to 10 minutes before undertaking anything more strenuous.

Step 2

Gently stretch your gluteal muscles after you are warmed up. From a standing position, cross your legs and slowly bend at the waist, reaching your hands toward your toes. Hold for 10 seconds before returning to a standing position.

Step 3

Ease into your run by starting out slowly and gradually building up your speed. If the pain is intense, back off and run at a slower pace, or walk.

Step 4

Cool down thoroughly by walking for five to 10 minutes after your run. Follow up with therapeutic massage, ice and rest.

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