How to Run for Charity in the NYC Half Marathon

Paula Radcliffe of Great Britain winning the 2009 NYC Half Marathon.
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Entry into the New York City Half Marathon is competitive; to be guaranteed a spot you need to meet strict qualifying standards and there are a limited number of non-guaranteed spots in the race. But there's another option if you want to be guaranteed your entry: running for charity. The New York Road Runners running club, which organizes the race, offers guaranteed entry to runners to members of Team for Kids who raise funds for their youth services programs.

Step 1

Sign up as a member of Team for Kids by registering with the Team for Kids website ( There is no charge to join, but you will need to confirm your email address and provide your contact information to create a profile.

Step 2

Log in to your Team for Kids Profile and click "Manage Fundraising." Then click "select an event." Choose the NYC Half Marathon from the list of available races. If the race isn't listed, the site advises you to contact Team for Kids directly by email at or by phone at 646-758-9693.

Step 3

Fund-raise for Team for Kids. To get your guaranteed entry into the NYC Marathon you must raise $1,310 -- $100 for every mile of the race. The Team for Kids website offers features to manage your fundraising and allows donors to donate to your cause online.

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