RN Medical Auditing Certification

Hospitals and other facilities benefit from having medical information audited.
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Working as a registered nurse can be a highly rewarding job. After time, however, you may decide to switch gears and work in an office setting, while still utilizing your training in nursing. If reviewing medical charts, medical coding and insurance billing and having the opportunity to advise medical practices about budgetary issues interests you, consider becoming a certified medical auditor.

Educational Requirements

    A registered nursing medical auditor must have completed a nursing program from an accredited university. She must sit for her license in the state where she practices. Additionally, to apply for certification as a medical audit specialist, the RN must have completed the required hours in an accounting or finance program. For instance, the American Association of Medical Audit Specialists requires one college level course in finance, accounting or statistics. Additionally, a course that teaches current insurance billing procedures, such as claims for Medicare and Medicaid, is highly beneficial.

Certification Requirements

    In additional to having a current RN license, you must be a current member of the American Association of Medical Audit Specialists, which is the sole administrator of medical auditing certification. You must also have at least two years of experience in a health care auditing setting, such as an assistant auditor or as an intern.

Exam Details

    The AAMAS administers the exam at various locations across the United States. You can visit the website and view the location of the next exam in your area. Complete the application packet found on the AAMAS website and submit it along with a current resume, a copy of your college transcripts, the application fee, and documentation of your current membership status and two years experience in auditing. On exam day, bring two forms of identification, one form must be a photo ID, and your confirmation letter administered by the AAMAS. Also, bring a black ink pen and a solar-powered calculator for use on the exam.

Medical Auditor Skills

    An RN medical auditor possesses skills outside of the nursing role. These often include excellent organization and communication skills, understanding medical coding and billing, including the knowledge of ICD-9 and CPT codes, and strong verbal and written skills necessary for creating audit reports. The exam tests the RN’s knowledge of the medical audit environment, professional behavior, medical audit process and methodology, and medical audit skills, according to the AAMAS.

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