Right Brain Careers

Right brain careers often involve creativity.

Right brain careers often involve creativity.

People use both brain hemispheres but one side dominates when it comes to how they think -- left-brain versus right-brain. Which one applies to you may influence the career you pick. Right-brainers are creative, emotional, intuitive and big-picture thinkers, while left-brainers are logical and rational thinkers. According to Daniel Pink, who has written extensively on the topic, right-brain thinking cannot be replaced by machines or outsourced, meaning even naturally left-brained folks should try to use their right-brain more.

Emotions and Empathy

Careers that require a great deal of empathy -- being able to place yourself in someone else's shoes -- should appeal to right-brained people. This hemisphere holds emotions, so people with this dominance are more in touch with their feelings, and better able to understand the feelings of others. As a result, careers such as special education teachers, psychologists and psychiatrists, social workers and childcare workers can be ideal choices.


Careers that require creativity and design -- the expression of original thought -- need people who use their right brain. Thanks to the visual-spatial acuity of the right side of the brain, right-brained thinkers have the imagination needed to innovate and entertain. As a result, careers such as artists, creative writers, graphic and fashion designers, animators and musicians are ideal choices for right brained individuals who have tapped into their creative sides.


Careers that require intuition -- the ability to quickly see the truth and have a keen sense of insight -- need people who show right-brain dominance. Their ability to quickly spot patterns, spot similarities and see through distractions makes them excellent problem solvers and innovators. As a result, careers such as architectural, chemical, civil and computer engineers make sense for people who enjoy this right-brained specialty.

Big Picture

Careers that require people who see the big picture and think holistically -- able to quick spot connections and interdependence among pieces of a system -- tap into the talents of the right hemisphere. Their focus on the system at large and how things are related make them expert in diagnosis, coordination and comprehension. As a result, careers such as nutritionists, health practitioners, machine operators and casino dealers keep the right brain engaged.

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