Resume Tips for Temp Jobs

Some resume tips can  benefit a variety of temporary workers.
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You may need to produce a revised resume document as new temporary assignments become available from hiring employers. Temporary staffing agencies match you with companies that have job openings and a demand for your skills. You want to show prospective employers how you are best qualified to fill their positions, even if the assignment will only last for a few hours, days or weeks. Tweak your resume for temp jobs in order to stand out among the other applicants who are probably vying for the same job. Remember, job hunting really is survival of the fittest.

Be Consistent

Registering with a temporary agency can expose you to many different job leads in various industries, but you shouldn’t try to apply or interview for every job opening. Instead, focus your job search and the composition of your resume on what you are good at, and stick with pitching that expertise to new employers. Hiring managers need to be able to narrow down your qualifications and skills, and some might become confused seeing myriad unrelated temporary assignments and jobs on your resume.

Effective Format

The combination resume format can serve temporary workers well, because it uses the best parts of two other formats. The chronological and functional formats focus on stable work history and specific skill sets, respectively. Employers like the chronological format over the functional format because it lists dates that document you were working and keeping your skills fresh; unfortunately, some temp workers have days and weeks between assignments. Consider adopting the combination resume format so that you can showcase your ever-growing list of qualifications and skills while still providing a record of your previous employment. -- (see References #4, "Much of your work has been freelance, consulting or temporary." )

Soft Skills

Job seekers have no problems listing hard skills on a resume -- "Microsoft Office expert"; "Project Management"; "A+ Certification." However, temp agency personnel and hiring employers are also interested in your soft skills, such as being a team player, a problem-solver and able to take initiative. For example, an office assistant might include the following soft skills on his resume: dependable, attention to detail and good communicator. You can include a section at the top of your resume called the "Summary of Qualifications," listing both hard skills and soft skills that apply to the temporary assignment.

Achievements and Accomplishments

Although many of your staffing agency assignments are short-term, the experiences will follow you throughout your career. Mentioning what you achieved and accomplished for various employers. For example, becoming a permanent employee after working on a temporary basis is noteworthy; explain what made the employer ask you to come work directly for the company. Mention how you improved a business process, increased accuracy and increased profits. Lastly, if employers frequently request your services, describe how well you always represent the temporary staffing agency.

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