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In the search for a sample network administrator resume, a job seeker will find tens of thousands of links to virtually every format in every niche industry around the globe. Formatting, content, and accomplishments require a personal approach, but good network administrator resume samples can be found across the Internet. The following guidelines will help determine if a resume sample is a good one and if it could be used effectively in a job search.

Objective or summary statement

A good objective or summary statement uses strong language and incorporates keywords and phrases into the content. This is especially necessary for online job seekers who submit resumes to a job board or resume posting site such as Sample 1: "Analytical and innovative professional with 12+ years of cross-functional experience in information technology, network administration, interpersonal communication, and executive-level management." This is an attention-getter, placed at the top of a resume directly under the resume header. It is not a complete sentence and should contain no punctuation. Sample 2: "A highly qualified network administrator with more than 16 years of progressive experience in global environments across diverse industries, including insurance, finance, and manufacturing. Analytical thinker with the ability to apply strategic planning, scalability, and expansion methodologies to small-scale and large-scale projects with emphasis on network and systems security." Notice that "I am" is implied, not written, at the beginning of the summary. Resumes should be written in first person without the use of personal pronouns, i.e., the implied "I," at the beginning of a statement.


Look for a sample resume that includes an accomplishments section. Qualifiable and quantifiable information can be very effective in getting a resume reviewer's attention. While accomplishment statements should also be included in the job description, it is very important to use this section to list a job seeker's greatest achievements throughout one's career. The following is a good example. "CAREER ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Managed a 3-part, 2-year conversion project of a legacy database program to Microsoft SQL Server database with over 2 TB of data, requiring 3 programmers, that improved data entry productivity by 37% and more than doubled the workload capacity of the database and reduced downtime events from several each day to 1-2 times per quarter. Program automated many shipping functions, cutting shipping workload time by 42% and automated the month-end reporting function, eliminating 27 hours in human resource expenditures. It also reduced new product tracking module development from 10 days to 20 minutes.; Designed and wrote Visual Basic 6 program to interface with Microsoft SQL Server, utilizing pages.; Managed growth of network from 10 PCs to 200, establishing WAN with 7 remote locations and administered multiple server upgrades, including migration from Novel 4.11 to Windows 2003."

Technical Skills

The technical skills section should consist of a list or lists of the types of technical skills a job seeker possesses and include the most current skill sets available. For example: "Technologies, Platforms & Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 8, 7, P / 2000 / NT4 / 9x / 3x, Exchange, Microsoft Windows Server Advanced Server, Internet Information Server 6 /5 / 4, Microsoft ISA Server 2000 / 2004; Novell NetWare 6.x / 5.x / 4.x / 3.x; Microsoft Office 1997 – 2010; Development Tools: VBScript, WSH, ADSI WMI, Wise for Windows Installer, SMS Installer / Wise; Networking & Protocols: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI protocols; Fiber; Ethernet, Token Ring; Routers; Bridges; Frame Relay, ISDN."


Due to the importance of certifications in a network administrator's job, these should be listed in a separate section. A sample could be presented as follows: "Certifications & Training: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) Security Specialization; Certified Novell Engineer 11x, 6.x / 5.x / 4.x; Certified Novell Identity Manager Administrator

Education and training can be combined into one section, with educational information positioned above the training. "EDUCATION & TRAINING: Bachelor of Science in Computer, Information Systems Management - 2001, Colorado Christian University; Microsoft Project Certificate, 2009; FoxPro Course, 2007; Cisco CCIE Service Provider Operations Training, 2011."

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