Resume Objectives for a Receptionist

A receptionist objective statement showcases relevant skills.
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When you think of a receptionist, you probably envision someone with a headset, multitasking like crazy to answer phones, file paperwork and greet office visitors. To adequately reflect those fast-paced responsibilities, include an objective statement in your resume that clearly defines your interest in the receptionist position and briefly showcases job-relevant skills. List your objective statement as your first resume heading, just below your name and contact information, so the human resource department sees it first.

State the Position

One of the most important details in any objective statement is the job title and any identifying numbers that are specific to the position. You want the manager in charge of hiring the new receptionist to get your resume without any glitches. If you're applying for a government job as a receptionist, include all job identification numbers in your objective statement so your resume is routed to the right department. The human resource department at any company or organization must be able to identify your hard copy or electronic resume quickly and get it in the right hands.

Focus on Skills

Even though an objective statement is only one or two lines long, you have room to focus on a couple of your strongest skills. Include skills such as multitasking in an office environment, greeting and escorting customers to the right departments, answering multiple phone lines, scheduling and canceling appointments or sending information by computer, mail or fax. As a receptionist, you'll likely be the first person customers, clients or patients meet, so you want the hiring manager to know you'll strive to make a good first impression.

Stress Energetic Personality

A receptionist's job demands require a permanent energy-drink high, without all the caffeine of course. With the continual expectations of a busy office, there's not much time to relax. In your objective statement, stress the fact that you're well-suited for a high-energy work environment. Depending on the industry, you might use phrases such as busy corporate office setting, high-energy work environment, fast-paced doctor's office, energetic beauty salon or high-traffic ticket office to describe your experience. These phrases let a hiring manager know that you're not intimidated by a busy -- sometimes even hectic -- work environment.

Mention Interpersonal Skills

An objective statement certainly isn't the place to provide a long list of interpersonal skills, but you might stress one or two strong points. Since a receptionist must address telephone, Internet and face-to-face customers with friendly professionalism, strong interpersonal skills are a plus. Include interpersonal skills such as professional communication style, friendly disposition, warm and welcoming personality and positive attitude as part of your objective statement. Just remember -- a resume isn't a dating website so don't get too personal with your list of skills.

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