Responsibilities of a Fashion Show Director

A fashion show director schedules models for the event.
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A fashion show is all about glitz and glamour, but it takes a ton of work to create such a spectacular exhibit. A fashion director may not get to strut the catwalk, but she maintains a budget to make sure expenses are covered and oversees all aspects of the show to make sure everything is primped to perfection. Even though a fashion show director has many responsibilities the night of the show, her work starts weeks in advance as she schedules models, fashion experts and technical teams to help with the production.


    Once the date and time are set for the fashion show, the director schedules models for the production. Large metropolitan shows usually attract professional models, but local fashion show directors may hire people in the community or ask volunteers to model clothing and fashion accessories. The director also hires lighting, sound and video crews to help with the event. If food and beverages are provided during the show, the director contacts vendors or caterers to help with food preparation and distribution. As there are so many behind-the-scene details, a director often hires assistants to help her with the logistics.


    Without patrons, a fashion show will flop. A high-profile fashion director advertises the event to her colleagues, clients and celebrities to ensure a sold-out show. She may also advertise in fashion magazines and on fashion websites or contact local designers to see if they want to support or participate in the event. Fashion shows are an ideal way for designers to get publicity for their products. People want to know what's "hot" and trendy. Ticket sales help cover expenses associated with the production, so a fashion show director needs to fill as many seats as possible. A local or smaller-scale fashion show director might market the event on local TV and radio stations or hang posters in public areas throughout the community. Local fashion shows are often hosted at shopping malls, so fashion directors sometimes hang signs at department stores or in food court areas.


    A fashion show director decorates the stage for the event. She may hang sparkly, dramatic floor-length curtains, place floral arrangements around the stage or hang fashion posters on the wall. If patrons will be seated at tables, the director ensures that tablecloths and centerpieces are on each table. Lighting is a huge part of a successful fashion show, so the director works with lighting crews to make sure the ambiance is perfect.

The Show

    A fashion show director oversees dress rehearsals to make sure all the elements of the production are in place. She also ensures that each model knows her position in the line-up. The director verifies logistics with each department to make sure the sound, lighting and music are cued and ready to go. Depending on her role, she may also spend time socializing with guests. Once the show starts, she usually stays backstage to make sure everything runs smoothly. If there's an issue with a model's outfit or accessories, the director reorganizes the lineup to compensate for wardrobe malfunctions.

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