How to Respect a Person's Dignity in the Workplace

Respect different cultures in the workplace to promote dignity among workers.
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Unwanted or discriminatory conduct in the workplace, whether it is intentional or not, can affect a person’s morale, job performance and physical health. If you want to do your part to contribute to a healthy working environment, it’s important to treat others with fairness and respect. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to behave toward other people the same way you expect them to behave toward you.

    Step 1

    Practice good manners and courtesy in all situations. Treat each person you meet in the workplace as an individual. Recognize that other people may have needs different from your own.

    Step 2

    Make others feel valued for who they are and what they contribute. Give your co-workers the opportunity to voice their own thoughts and ideas. Ask them for their opinions and then listen to what they have to say.

    Step 3

    Make every effort to build positive relationships with the other people at work. Encourage them to share their knowledge and to work together as a team. Sharing a common goal usually brings individuals together and can cut the number of misunderstandings that arise in the workplace.

    Step 4

    Do your part to make others feel appreciated. Offer praise to make someone feel special, or boost a co-worker's confidence by giving her an unexpected compliment.

    Step 5

    Recognize diversity in the workplace. Instead of stereotyping a person, accept that people come from different backgrounds and have dissimilar personalities and life experiences. Consider an individual’s values and beliefs so that you can see each person for who he is. Resist treating someone differently because of gender, age, disability, ethnic or racial background or choice of lifestyle.

    Step 6

    Consider other people’s feelings. Avoid making false or malicious complaints or accusations against another person. Keep from offending, embarrassing, putting down or gossiping about other individuals as these actions can diminish a person’s dignity.

    Step 7

    Reach out to someone who seems to be having a tough time at work. Ask the person if she needs your assistance. Offer to be her friend, but respect her right to privacy if she says she wants to be left alone for a while. Show her consideration by giving her some space if she needs it.

    Step 8

    Show concern and compassion for people’s lives outside of work. Let others know you care about them as individuals. Respect a co-worker’s confidence if he chooses to share personal thoughts or private information with you, but don't pry if he doesn't.

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