Do Resistance Kinetic Bands Help You Run Faster?

Kinetic Bands might help you run faster.
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If you want to run faster, you’ll have to work for it. And it involves so much more than just keeping a higher pace during your workouts. Building speed requires strength, stability, balance and agility -- all of which can be enhanced by using the right kind of exercise equipment. From stability balls to jump ropes to free weights, tools of all kinds can be used to help you get faster as a runner. If you’re looking for a unique piece of equipment that can also do the trick, Kinetic Bands might just be your best bet.

Getting Faster

    Whether you are a sprinter or a distance runner, having a faster pace is always a good thing. It means you’ll be across the finish line holding your medal before your competition. While sprint and distance training are completely different animals, runners of both worlds train for speed by incorporating up-tempo running workouts, strength training and plyometrics into their workout routines.

Kinetic Bands

    Kinetic Bands were developed by Myosource as a way of helping athletes work the quick twitch muscles in their core to make them faster, quicker and stronger while increasing flexibility, improving balance and building stamina. These handy bands are similar to regular resistance bands but are built with straps that attach them to your legs, allowing you to move freely and use them in a variety of agility drills and strength moves.

Plyos and Agility

    Plyometrics and agility drills are excellent exercises for developing speed. They help your muscles learn to respond faster and explode with power. Common moves include line hops, box jumps, quick steps, high-knees and jumping rope. When you strap on a Kinetic Band, you'll add resistance to your plyos and agility drills, making them even more challenging and effective. By adding the resistance, you help your muscles make quick motions against weight. Then when the weight is taken off, the motions are easier and require less effort.

Strength Training

    You don’t have to move quickly to put Kinetic Bands to work. You can use them for added resistance in a ton of different strength and weight-lifting exercises. Not only will this force you to do the motion with extra power, it also will require your body to put more effort into maintaining its stability. And when it comes to getting faster, strength and balance are both key components that help your body soar from start to finish.

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