Reasons to Buy a Treadmill

Hitting the treadmill can help you progress your physical fitness.
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In the fitness world, treadmills are everywhere. Even the most sparse motel gyms typically include a treadmill in its collection of equipment and many people own treadmills so they may do convenient workouts at home. Though using the treadmill may not seem as exciting or sexy as other workout routines or exercise fads, it does offer many benefits. Thus, it has remained relevant for years even in the ever changing world of fitness. Ask your doctor if treadmill workouts are right for you before starting to exercise.

Injury Rehabilitation

If you're a serious athlete, you know that injuries are not uncommon. And after an injury, you may find it difficult to sit still. Because of the gentle and controlled nature of walking on a treadmill, you might be able to use this equipment for rehabilitation if you get the go ahead from your doctor or physical therapist. Whether you're dealing with a lower or upper body injury that has interfered with your athletic endeavors, walking on a treadmill can help you maintain some level of fitness progress by preventing total inactivity.

Cardiovascular Health and Fitness

Obviously, you don't need to be injured to get something out of treadmill training. Treadmill training -- whether it involves running or walking -- can help improve your cardiovascular fitness. It could help you from losing your breath when taking the stairs or it could help improve your stamina when taking long runs with your significant other, for example. Getting active on the treadmill can also help stave off cardiovascular disease.

Weight Loss

If you're hoping to attain a beach body on a deadline, getting a treadmill is an excellent idea. Treadmill workouts allow you to burn the calories you need to torch fat. If you're hoping to drop inches in a hurry, running is ideal, as you can burn 861 calories per hour by running at an 8 mph pace on the treadmill. If you're on a less strict timeline or have less fat to lose, walking may better suit your needs. An hour-long walk at a 3.5-mph pace will burn 314 calories. Most treadmills have both speed and calorie expenditure displays, so it's easy for you to keep track of these values.

Muscle Building

When it comes to building bulging muscles, heavy weight training is best. But you can also build leg muscles through a different form of resistance -- incline walking and running. It takes more effort to propel your body up an incline than it does to move across a level surface, so your muscles will get stronger when they are challenged this way. Thus, if you want to strengthen and tone your calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes, you can do so efficiently on a treadmill by using increasing the incline.

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